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SketchUp Pro 2015 (32bit , 64 bit ) Full Crack

SketchUp Pro 2015 (32bit , 64 bit ) Full Crack

SketchUp Pro 2015

32 bit : Sever02
64bit: Sever02
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Adobe Acrobat X Pro (Full Crack) Win

Adobe Acrobat 10 Pro (Full Crack) Win
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Manga Studio EX 5.0.4 Full Keygen [Win/Mac]

Manga Studio EX 5.0.4 Full Keygen [Win/Mac]
Win/Mac- 282MB/329MB
Manga Studio 5 EX, the leading comic and Manga creation software worldwide, delivers powerful cutting edge features for manga and comic artists alike. Save time and increase your productivity with the customizable interface and tools. Invigorate your drawings using color and built-in special effects. Import 3D objects and render them as backgrounds for your artwork. Import and export to many common file formats and publish and export professional quality manga for print or web. Manga Studio 5 EX offers thousands of screen tones, professional drawing and coloring tools, and in depth layout and rendering capabilities, making it an essential tool for graphic illustrators and professional Comic and Manga artists.
  • Includes everything professional comic artists and aspiring artists need to create manga comic art.
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface produces fast results and single-click special effects save time.
  • Complete control over text, lines, word balloons, and page layout.
  • Tons of screen tones included add dimension, depth, and character to your art
  • Built in special effects, tones and tools give artwork a unique style and professional look
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[New link ] Manga Studio 5 Full Keygen [Windows]

220MB | Win | 7zip
Manga Studio 5 Full Keygen merupakan software untuk membuat komik, khususnya manga. Manga Studio 5 ini bisa dikatakan merupakan komik ilustrator yang terbaik dan termudah untuk digunakan, walaupun kita masih awam dalam dunia komik. Dalam versi terbarunya, tampilan/interface software ini sudah lebih baik dibandingkan versi sebelumnya, penambahan warna dan peralatan gambar, tons-screen yang mengagumkan, dan seperangkat fitur lainnya.
System requirements: 
    • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
    • 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 2 GB Disk Space
    • Graphic card with VRAM of 256MB or more and OpenGL 1.5 recommended
    • XGA (1024×768) or higher, WXGA (1280×768) or higher, 16-Bit color display or higher
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    Abvent Artlantis Studio Full Crack 32bit 64bit

    Abvent Artlantis Studio  Full Crack  32bit 64bit For Win
    Artlantis Studio x32/x64 | Keygen Crack | 490Mb / 492Mb
    A new logo and new facets of the Artlantis revolution start moving around a redesigned interface, an integrated media store and optimized functions !
    With version 5, Artlantis’s updates vividly proclaim: “Ergonomics, Simplicity, and Quality” for photo-realistic renderings for everyone! Raise the curtain and discover the world through this window, which reveals, in real-time and in full radiosity, your imagination and our reputation

    Abvent Artlantis Studio Multilingual 32&64bit (x86/x64) Full Crack

    Abvent Artlantis Studio Multilingual 32&64bit (x86/x64)  Full Crack

    Artlantis is the fastest stand-alone 3D rendering application developed especially for architects and designers, ideal for quickly and easily creating high resolution 3D renderings, iVisit 3D Panoramas, QuickTime VR Objects and animations.
    About Abvent Group
    Since 1985, the Abvent Group has offered innovative image and design solutions for CAD professionals in the fields of architecture and design, and photography. For over 20 years, Abvent's cutting edge approach to digital imagery has resulted in products and services that are innovative, powerful, and easy-to-use
    Abvent announces Artlantis 4, featuring iVisit 3D!
    PARIS, October 17, 2011 -- Abvent has announced the launch of Artlantis 4, the latest version of the fastest, stand-alone 3D rendering application developed especially for architects and designers. Combining the most advanced and efficient tools for rendering photo-realistic 3D projects, Artlantis interfaces directly with many leading architectural CAD and BIM software titles, such as ArchiCAD, Revit, SketchUp Pro, Vectorworks, and Arc+. Native support for many popular file formats, such as DXF, DWG, 3DS, DWF, OBJ, and FBX, allows Artlantis to seamlessly interact with nearly all leading 3D CAD and BIM software on the market today.
    New features in Artlantis 4.1
    ISO / Shutter Speed lighting adjustment has been available since the launch of Artlantis 3. With Artlantis 4.1, users can now choose to keep this setting or use a new feature called ISO/Shutter. ISO refers to the sensitivity of camera film, while the Shutter Speed refers to the length of time the camera’s aperture stays open when taking a picture. Artlantis 4.1 offers better color quality and more realistic results.
    HDRi Background
    The HDR image provides a spherical background as well as an overall illumination with shadows and full, 360 degree reflections. The 3D lit environment generated around your scenes ensures a robust background for all camera views combined with the entire range of real light intensity. This also makes HDR images valuable for scenes that contain reflective surfaces. With the special lighting channel included in HDR images, the illumination and shadow casting will result in amazingly realistic renderings.
    Optional Maxwell Render Engine is the fastest 3D rendering application available today for architects and designers. And Maxwell Render Engine is considered to be the most physically accurate rendering engine on the market. Abvent and Next Limit Technologies have teamed up to offer the Maxwell Render Engine as an optional rendering engine within Artlantis 4.1. Complete with specific shaders and postcards, the Maxwell Render Engine is so easy to use. Simply set up your scene in Artlantis as usual, and click on the Maxwell Render Engine button to launch the calculation. With Artlantis 4.1, you get the best of both worlds: speed and physical accuracy.
    Part 01
    Part 02:
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    SketchUp Pro 2013 | Full v13.0.3689 Crack

    SketchUp Pro 2013 | Full v13.0.3689

    SketchBook Pro Full v6.2

    Windows Requirements:
    • Microsoft Windows7, Microsoft Windows Vista, or Windows XP
    • 1 GHz Intel or AMD processor
    • 1 GB of RAM
    • Graphics card capable of 1,024 x 768 display with 128 MB RAM
    • Pressure-sensitive tablet and pen recommended for basic features.
    Language: english
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later (Intel only) 
    Homepage: _


    Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 32bit

    Relied on by professionals, adored by everyone who loves to draw... SketchBook Pro translates sophisticated technology and professional functionality into a natural drawing experience; use it anywhere you would traditionally use paper and pen!
    A Natural Sketching Experience
    Dynamic and streamlined UI
    A dynamic and streamlined UI that is easy to learn and fun to use. View larger.
    Customizable brushes
    Customize your brushes to suite your individual style or capture a specific look.View larger.
    SketchBook Pro is, essentially, your virtual sketchbook. Designed specifically for pen-based interaction, transform your desktop computer, laptop, or Tablet PC into a digital sketch pad. The intuitive interface makes it easy to access a host of tools and state-of-the-art features, including pencils, markers, brushes, colors, guides, layers, and blending effects.
    "It's the fantastic responsiveness and clean interface that keep me coming back to Sketchbook Pro--but the way new enhancements extend the shape and textural capabilities, make it easier than ever to tailor it to your individual drawing and painting needs. I love this software." -- Nick Harris, Illustrator (UK)
    Your Creative Process
    SketchBook Pro fits in virtually any creative workflow; load and view images and photographs for reference or mark-up and annotations. SketchBook Pro lets you open and save images from a variety of image formats, including moving files directly in and out of Photoshop.
    Build-up multiple layers
    Build-up multiple layers to get the composition and effects you desire. View larger.
    Your Tools
    Whether you are designing your next masterpiece, story boarding a feature film, expressing your wildest ideas, or just plain doodling, SketchBook Pro is your ultimate digital sketchbook.
    Full suite of brushes and tools
    A full suite of brushes and tools
    Build-up multiple layers
    Fine tune the look of your images by adjusting colors, brightness, and contrast. View larger.
    • Familiar brush types; realistic and completely customizable pencils, pens, markers, and airbrushes
    • Draw straight lines, rectangles, circles, and ellipses with draw modes or snapping to guides
    • Use Text to easily add annotations and/or descriptions
    • Full featured Layers including preserve transparency and blend modes to help you color and create
    • Edit your images by adjusting color, contract, canvas size, or crop.

    Freely express your ideas and unleash your creativity with SketchBook Pro.

    What's new
    New Tool bar for quick accessNew Palette to store customized brushes
    Import and export your own custom brush setsSelection Enhancement
    • Maintain selections when switching layers
    Layer Enhancements
    • Blend modes (multiply, add, screen)
    • New quick access transparency slider
    • Symmetry stop at centerline
    • Default file format (TIFF or PSD)
    Draw Modes to quickly capture basic shapes
    • Circles
    • Lines
    • Rectangles
    New brush parameters for customizing brush textures
    • Spacing Noise
    • Rotational Jitter
    Image editing
    • Brightness/Contrast
    • Hue/Saturation
    • Color Balance
    • Grayscale
    • Invert
    • Crop tool
    Text Layers for annotations and type
    • System Fonts
    • Basic settings
    • Editable

    Windows Vista / 7 / XP, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

    Artlantis Studio 4.16 x64

    Artlantis Studio 4.16 x64

    OpenCanvas v5.5.143 Full Activation

    openCanvas is a paint/drawing software that enables you to record/replay your drawing procedure. If you use the "Event" function (to replay the drawing process), it is quite easy to find out how an illustration was created!openCanvas has a simple interface, nice and realistic brush stroke, and various filters/layers/tones.
    openCanvas will be suitable for beginners to advanced users.
    System Requirements:
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    HDD: More than 10MB free capacity
    CPU: x86 Compatible Processor corresponding to SSE2
    RAM: Recommended Memory Capacity by Operating System
    Resolution: More than 1024 × 768 pixel
    Color Depth: More than 32 bit(16,770,000 colors)
    Peripherals: Wacom tablet


    Abvent Artlantis Studio 3.0.6 full vesion


    Sketchup 8 pro + keygen


    Corel Painter 12 Full Crack

    Corel® Painter™ 12 is the world’s leading digital art software. Designed for artists by artists, it opens up a world of creativity by offering progressive drawing tools, lifelike Natural-Media® brushes and the most realistic digital painting experience. With its impressive array of brushes, paper textures, paints, oils, watercolors and more, there are no limits to what you can create! And thanks to extensive file support, you can also build upon projects you've started in other programs, making Painter a great complement to Adobe® Photoshop®. This latest version helps artists evolve their creative possibilities more than ever! See it for yourself with a free trial—Painter is changing what’s possible in art.
    Most realistic digital painting experience
    Painter’s RealBristle™ brushes represent a major milestone for digital painting, reproducing the movement and feeling of traditional art on canvas when paired with a graphics tablet.
    Progressive digital art capabilities
    Exciting new Kaleidoscope and Mirror painting features let you create electrifying patterns and colors on canvas, leveraging the symmetry, speed and precision of mirrored planes. This Kaleidoscope painting capability is exclusive to Painter!
    Designed for comfort
    Painter 12 offers seven different workspaces, designed to make new users, Adobe® Photoshop® users, photographers, concept artists and others feel at home. Choose the workspace that’s right for you, or create your own as you go along.
    Perfect complement to other software and hardware
    Photoshop support lets you easily work with Photoshop files and correctly preserve colors and layers when transferring files from Photoshop to Painter. Support for the latest pen tablets from Wacom® gives you exceptional freedom of movement.
    For Win

    Portable Easy Paint Tool SAI 1.1.0

    Portable Easy Paint Tool SAI 1.1 | 7 Mb
    PaintTool SAI is high quality and lightweight painting software, fully digitizer support, amazing anti-aliased paintings, provide easy and stable operation, this software make digital art more enjoyable and comfortable.
    - Fully digitizer support with pressure.
    - Amazing anti-aliased drawings.
    - Highly accurate composition with 16bit ARGB channels.
    - Simple but powerful user interface, easy to learn.
    - Fully support Intel MMX Technology.
    - Data protection function to avoid abnormal termination such as bugs.

    Supported file types:
    • psd (standard type of files, Adobe Photoshop)
    • sai (your own type)
    • jpg
    • bmp
    • png

    There are 8 instruments: lasso selection, selection of the «magic wand», rectangular selection, color picker, zoom, rotate canvas, move the canvas and move the layer.
    There are two modes for layers: raster and vector.
    • In the raster available подинструменты, such as a marker, airbrush, water, acrylic, pen, eraser and different variations to them.
    • In the vector are available pen, line, curve, edit, line color, the pressure line, the selection and removal of the selection.
    Support for third-party texture brushes and textures of the canvas, which you can do by myself.


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