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Leslie Frontz Watercolor Course

Leslie Frontz Watercolor Course

Sketching & Painting: A Step by Step Introduction

PDF| 154pages | English |15.3 MB

Here is a comprehensive and uncomplicated introduction to sketching and painting landscapes. F. C. Johnston, art teacher, broadcaster, and until recently editor of The Leisure Painter, takes budding artists step-by-step through the selection of subject, composition and technique, and the different media open to them. Water colour, oils, acrylic and sketching (including pencil, pen and ink, fibre and felt-tip pen, charcoal and Conte crayon) are each treated separately, prefaced by a general section on preparing for landscape studies.

Painting Still Life in Gouache

Painting Still Life in Gouache
Epub | 81 MB

Painting Western Character Studies: Techniques in Oil

PDF  168 English 22.5 MB
The picturesque characters of the American West—the rugged, hard-working cowboy and the proud, resourceful Indian—have always fascinated the artist. In this unique book, a celebrated painter of the American West shows, in clear, step-by-step detail, how to paint these classic Western characters, from their faces to their boots and moccasins.

How to Paint Living Portraits

PDF | 11MB | 162Pages

Urban Watercolor Sketching: A Guide to Drawing, Painting, and Storytelling in Color

Pdf|  71,6 | 289DownloadSeverKV

Watercolor - Let the Medium do it

 PDF | 152 | English | 28.6 MB
These projects for pleasure and practice teach new skills such as plastic-wrap stippling or how pigments react. The book encourages experimentation and learning by doing for artists at all levels.

Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting

Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting
PDF | 184Pages | 17.5MB

An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration From the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers

An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration From the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers
PDF | 40MB | 272Pages

Chinese Watercolor Journeys With Lian Quan Zhen

 Chinese Watercolor Journeys With Lian Quan Zhen

2015| epub| 14.3 Mb
Take a journey with the master, Lian Quan Zhen!
From landscapes and architecture to people and animals, Lian Quan Zhen has painted it all. Inside Chinese Watercolor Journeys with Lian Quan Zhen, you will see beautiful paintings in both the Chinese and Western styles. Filled with tips and stories, you'll learn about Lian's techniques and artistic journey. The large, colorful images will inspire you to take a journey of your own.

Creative Watermedia Painting Techniques

PDF | 132| English | 32.3 MB
Make the most of watercolor, acrylic and gouache by following the closeup action shots of each medium being used in a variety of techniques and projects. 

Acrylic Watercolor Painting

Epub |  18.5 Mb
This expertly written, hands-on guide demonstrates something that more and more watercolorists are discovering for themselves — that acrylics can do everything watercolor paints can do, and much more!
Beginning painters will find in this clearly written, profusely illustrated text expert advice on painting and equipment, along with step-by-step coverage of papers and other painting surfaces, colors and mediums; and descriptions of all the basic watercolor techniques: washes, wet-in-wet, drybrush, scumbling, opaque painting, and more. Professionals unfamiliar with this medium will discover that acrylic paints introduce a new level of excitement, flexibility, and color to their work.
To demonstrate the extraordinary variety of watercolor techniques possible with acrylic paints, this book includes 75 paintings by leading American watercolorists. In addition, five special, step-by-step demonstrations reveal the rich potential of acrylic colors and color combinations, and show how they behave with various mediums. Altogether, Acrylic Watercolor Painting presents a comprehensive picture of the creative potential of these versatile paints and reveals how they can open new worlds to the serious artist working in watercolors. 

Watercolor A to Z

This comprehensive, hands-on watercolor workshop features 26 core lessons, from "A" (animals) to "Z" (zeroing in on your artistic style). In between you'll find expert advice on painting an exciting range of popular subjects, including:
barns and buildings; clouds; eagles and other birds; flowers; glass; hills and valleys; ice and snow; landscapes; seascapes; boats; people and portraits; still lifes; trees; cityscapes, and more!
Each chapter consists of a series of step-by-step demonstrations, with special focus on key concepts (such as working from reference photos, masking, and using color and contrast) that will help you expand your watercolor repertoire.
Individually, each lesson offers a stand-alone, "bite size" art session whenever you have an hour or two to devote to your painting. Together, they present a diverse "sampling" of subjects, ideas and techniques. Perfect for beginning artists just starting to explore as well as experienced artists looking to try something different, Watercolor A-Z is an engaging reference for achieving pleasing effects in watercolor, while keeping things fresh and fun.

Painting Buildings in Watercolor

How to create expressive paintings of historic buildings, village scenes, private residences and vanishing architectural treasures. Rear cover notes: "Have you always wanted to include buildings in your watercolor paintings, but have been afraid to - maybe because of the perspective or simply because you thought you couldn't paint them well enough? Here you'll learn how to paint structures of all types realistically, yet expressively. Master watercolorist Ranulph Bye teaches you his tricks of the trade and offers numerous practical techniques, including eight comprehensive step-by-step demonstrations....".

The Student's Guide to Painting

 PDF | 163 | English | 11 MB
A full treatment of the artist Frank Reilly's techniques, and explains them in an easy-to-understand format.

Taube's Guide to Oil Painting

PDF | 100 |English |9.3 MB
Written for beginners, this book offers a method that is both practical & scientific. This is a one volume course especially prepared for beginners.

The Challenge of Landscape Painting

30.3 MB
This book is ideal not only for people who want to start painting, but for those who already have some painting experience and are seeking to improve their work.

Loosen Up Your Watercolours (Collins Artist's Studio)

Epub | 11.4 Mb
This is the first title in Collins' new Artist's Studio series for the intermediate painter. In this beautifully illustrated book Judi Whitton shows how to loosen up your painting with practical exercises, projects, step-by-step demonstrations and numerous hints and tips. All watercolourists like to paint more loosely, but although it may look easy it is in fact quite difficult to achieve this attractive style of painting. Judi Whitton has specialized in teaching and painting watercolours in a loose style for many years and here she shares her experience to enable all artists to liberate their creativity and achieve more freedom of expression in their work.

Fearless Watercolor for Beginners: Adventurous Painting Techniques to Get You Started

 epub | 16.2 Mb
This book will give you an overview of some of the many possibilities watercolor painting offers. You will learn a series of basic skills that will give you the knowledge you need to get started.
The book consists of three main parts:
- before you paint (preparation, planning and materials)
- when you paint (techniques)
- after you painted (assessment and finishing)
For some techniques there are a variety of ways to achieve the desired result. I don't believe there is just one way or one technique that will work for everyone. I would like you to choose what you think will work for your particular style or taste, and leave behind what won't work for you.
Each new technique is illustrated with a step-by-step demo, and some include
links to videos that show how to apply that technique to a specific painting or that share
exercises to help you practice.
You will learn about preparation, materials and various techniques: washes, painting wet on wet and wet on dry, blending or layering colors, preserving the white of your paper, lifting color, achieving a variety of edge qualities, adding textures to your paintings and fixing mistakes.
We will also discuss how to plan out your painting (one of the keys to growing confidence and avoiding confusion while painting), how to assess your own work and what finishes you can apply.

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